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    In an online world where 3% conversion is good, and 5% is amazing, what are you doing to activate the other 95% of your traffic?

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Activate Your Traffic With Brickwork

What if there was more than one way to convert your web & mobile traffic? Brickwork is the first software solution to bridge the gap between consumer e-commerce and brick & mortar experiences by powering a new digital presence for physical stores, featuring online-to-store conversion funnels. With Brickwork, retailers can activate web & mobile browsers to deliver more primed-to-purchase customers into their local stores.

Brickwork’s Value Proposition

Up to 80% of all customers who buy in brick & mortar stores start their path-to-purchase on web or mobile (Accenture, 2014). Engage and activate these customers where they start. Brickwork powers the only global, omnichannel-enabling store locator featuring new online-to-store conversion actions such as appointment booking and event RSVP. Deliver up to 70% more search traffic to store pages and deliver up to a 5x increase to in-store revenue with Brickwork’s powerful omnichannel solution.

Elevated Customer Experience

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The customers’ experience navigating between channels is often overlooked. With Brickwork, give your customers a best in class experience at every touchpoint along their path to purchase.

New Calls to Action

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Brickwork gives customers the seamless experience they expect by opening new conversion funnels beyond cart and checkout. Instead of losing online browsers who won’t convert, invite them into your stores.

Better Data & Insights

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Brickwork collects and arms you with unique data on the intent and actions of brick & mortar customers online before they make their way to stores. Better identify, target and learn from your best omnichannel customers.

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