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The Digital-To-Store Customer Journey

The in-store experience is your greatest asset. But today, the customer journey for 80 percent of modern store customers begins online. Is your brand leveraging its digital presence to engage these shoppers?

Brickwork helps retailers captivate customers with digital-to-store software designed to drive in-store sales. We equip you with a total solution to identify, engage and activate modern shoppers.

Modernize the Shopping Experience

Digital has transformed the way today’s customers shop. Now it’s time to transform the way retailers think about the path to purchase.

Learn how to take advantage of the new digital-to-store customer journey with our e-book “The Key to Retail Success in the Digital Era.”

A Holistic Approach

The Brickwork platform moves beyond the uncertain hype of “omnichannel” to help you optimize the digital presence of your retail stores to drive qualified online traffic to unique in-store experiences via geo-location features, online appointment booking, event RSVPs, and local content and marketing. In turn, Brickwork provides consumer insights in a comprehensive data map of digital-to-store customer journeys.

Leading Global Brands & Retailers

Architect Your Digital-to-Store Experience

Contact us to see how Brickwork can help you architect an experience for digital-to-store customers that drive in-store sales.