Solutions for the New Reality of Retail

Brickwork equips you with an integrated platform to find and convert online customers to stores, empower store associates, and generate customer insights.

What We Do

With years of expertise in the industry, we know that a narrow approach to digital and brick-and-mortar won’t save retail. That’s why our robust platform offers solutions for local search marketing, online-to-offline conversion, store associate empowerment, and omnichannel customer intelligence.

Find customers online. Convert them to stores. Increase conversion and basket size. Empower store associates to make sales and gain marketing insight into customer behavior and preferences. All in a single platform.

  • Local Search Marketing
  • Online-to-Offline Conversion
  • Store Associate Empowerment
  • Omnichannel Customer Intelligence

Who Benefits

Wondering how Brickwork can help your team drive results? Our solution provides a variety of benefits for your e-commerce, stores organization, marketing, and even local store teams. Whatever challenge in omnichannel retail you’re looking to solve, Brickwork is ready to discuss a solution with you.

  • Location & Hours
  • Departments
  • Inventory
  • Store Services
  • Associate Profiles

Learn More

Contact us to see how Brickwork can help you architect an experience for digital-to-store customers that drive in-store sales.