We've Been Acquired!

May 18, 2021

We’re extremely excited to announce that Brickwork Software has been acquired by a company making strides as a leading local marketing technology provider. 

Brickwork Software is now Brickwork Software, A DevHub Company. DevHub is a Data Experience Platform used to power local experiences for multi-location brands; creating meaningful connections - from online discovery to engagement that creates the hand-off for a seamless offline transaction - in every vertical, for every store location, in every market. 

Why the 2 companies are a perfect fit
A rapidly growing segment of DevHub’s users are using the Data Experience Platform to power multi-location brand experiences worldwide to make their products and services accurate and accessible in their local markets. 

That aligns perfectly with what Brickwork Software initially set out to do: solving the challenge of making rich store experiences discoverable at scale to customers who start their purchase journey online.

Get excited!

  1. DevHub’s data-driven platform is an opportunity to extend the native capabilities of our own and continue to empower local store teams to join in the workflow of actively managing store content, appointments, events, and promotions to reach the right shoppers and get them to your store.
  2. Brick-and-mortar stores are assets, not liabilities. An assertion Brickwork Software has made since day 1 and continues to stand by. DevHub’s platform is uniquely suited to increase the value of your assets. Our new parent company’s platform’s key strengths are customer experience and personalization at scale. This means new tools for your central team to magnify and promote your local stores, alongside our store event and appointment solutions.
  3. Updates! The DevHub team is committed to addressing the backlog of feature requests and quality-of-life fixes that have been pending.
  4. Seattle - Brickwork Software will (finally!) be on both coasts!
  5. Resources! With our parent company's resources, Brickwork Software can continue to strengthen our position as a leading local marketing technology provider powering brand-to-local experiences for global retailers and driving meaningful traffic to stores and locations for the brands we power today, Nike, Chanel, and Saks Fifth Avenue, to name a few.

About DevHub
The DevHub team is based out of Seattle, WA, and at its core is a platform that allows marketers to scale digital experiences for brands. Today, the platform powers 179+ brands with 1.9 million sites, and 70+ technology integrations, with 13 years of expertise in building best-in-class customer experiences.

Click here for an overview of DevHub’s Local Marketing Experience Platform

What’s next for Brickwork Software
DevHub’s promise to Brickwork customers is to keep them on the cutting edge of the digital experiences they’re delivering to their audiences and winning the Brand-to-Local marketing challenge. 
Over the next year, DevHub’s Data Experience Platform will be integrated with Brickwork's software suite. We’re looking forward to innovating on Brickwork’s current toolset and integrating DevHub’s technology for scale.

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