The Problem with Listings Management

August 5, 2021

The Problem with Local Listings Management Software

Listing management technology has always positioned itself as the solution to the local online discovery problem. Pre-pandemic showing up in search results with basic Name, Address, Phone number (NAP) was “good enough” – today, basic NAP data doesn’t quite cut it in the era of ‘local search intent’. 

Listings management service providers are a great way to syndicate basic store information, however, most providers don’t go beyond that basic functionality. For retailers with a presence in local markets, showing up in search results with basic information and a link to directions are good! Going beyond discovery is the path forward – and where listings management falls short.

Engaging consumers online after discovery

The path forward is to engage audiences online after discovery, in a memorable way that guides the consumer on the easiest (and most convenient) path-to-purchase. An online-to-offline sales channel that’s action-oriented with location-specific, up-to-date, and accurate information for curbside pickup, online ordering, appointment booking, live inventory information and recruiting for open job positions at a particular store.

- Consumers benefit from the convenience of an easy way to initiate and complete transactions (online or online-to-offline). 

- Retailers benefit by differentiating their online experience by inviting consumers to engage

- Think big! Experiences that start online are an opportunity to capture first-party customer data at the local level – use the data for targeted promotions and as part of future campaigns

The scale problem

Building the online-to-offline sales channel starts with accurate and up-to-date NAP; scaling the online-to-offline sales channel requires standardization beyond basic NAP. With the growing feature-set of Google My Business, there’s a demonstrable need for businesses to standardize beyond the basics for better online discovery and online engagement. 

We have some experience with tackling the scale problem – specifically, giving marketers the tools they need to harness high-intent traffic and convert it across all of their locations by personalizing the online experience for each one (read more)

Brands can do it too

Brands seeking to grow into new markets can benefit outrageously – an online-to-offline sales channel can easily start with a search for a brand or product that leads to a local transaction. Retailers target broader audiences – brands don’t have to. Brands know their consumers and can start the path-to-purchase by inviting audiences to engage, rather than just providing basic information.

Go beyond basic value

Think of listings management as the start of the process of being found online for search (on Google), directories (a la Yelp), in mobile apps (like foursquare), social media networks (such as Facebook), and even in consumer maps (Apple Maps) – just to name a few. The problem with listing management is that most don’t go beyond this basic step. Focus on creating an engaging experience, too. 

Customize the experience for each location with intelligent use of location data (e.g. services available, restaurant menus). Here are some ideas for content that can drive sales and custom to each location:

• Social feeds

• Customer reviews

• Custom banners

• Embedded videos

• Image galleries

• Custom lead forms

• Local offers and coupons

• Blog posts

• Local events

• Custom call-to-actions

Explore the possibilities and leverage our expertise to develop the branded path between online browsing and in-store purchasing which seamlessly facilitates your customer’s natural shopping behavior.

A robust digital presence for physical stores and their unique services and assets through store pages, the first omnichannel-enabling store locator and local-activation solutions around store services, appointments, events and promotions.

Explore the possibilities - talk to one of our location experts for a free consultation and a demo of our platform. We’re dedicated to executing your vision - at scale. 

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