Store Data Management: A Retail CMS to Manage Your Most Valuable Data

March 21, 2018

Customer satisfaction is often contingent on accurate, minute-to-minute updates about store information; unfortunately, maintaining this standard without help is much easier said than done. Brickwork’s store data management suite makes monitoring all of a store’s online details from one place and redistributing information as needed a snap, thus quickly turning online interest into offline intent.

Updating store hours, promotions, inventory lists, and other essential information requires painstaking precision, yet doing so with traditional tools is a time-consuming process that’s fraught with the potential for mistakes. With Brickwork’s RESTful API and built-in features such as data consolidation and reallocation, brands can respond to time-sensitive events or promotions with the deserved efficiency. This allows owners to ensure that customers see the latest deals, store hours, and sales, as well as updated inventory lists and store-specific events.

Brickwork also has access to the store’s system of record, allowing it to use and redistribute a specific store location’s data as needed. With support for over 50 different data fields, using Brickwork to fill in the blanks with missing information—or update existing information—is the simplest way to make sure that store search results return accurate, situationally relevant data every time, allowing retailers to spend more time on other important tasks.


Additionally, brands can use Brickwork’s retail experience management platform to show off a store location’s inventory, advertise waiting rooms for reservation, or indicate current ongoing events inside of the store itself (for example, a sale or a live demonstration of a product). One might even use the store’s page to point customers to a different branch for high-demand products which are no longer in stock at the current branch, or provide alternative directions during a period of construction. If the information is relevant to a store, Brickwork makes it easy to implement.

The prevalence of online shopping means that generating offline intent is only part of the battle. With the ability to control what customers see on a per-location basis, retailers who use Brickwork aren’t just getting people through the front door—they’re building brand loyalty one satisfied customer at a time.

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