Building Recruitment Into Store Pages

July 29, 2021

As the world transitions back to in-person, local businesses are scrambling for local workers. 

According to the National Federation of Independent Business

  • small business job openings have hit a 48-year record high as of March 2021

  • 42% of local businesses had job openings that could not be filled – another record high

  • 91% of actively hiring local businesses reported few or no qualified applicants for the positions they were trying to fill 

Local hiring is challenging right now

The research results jive with the real-world challenges; recruiters are seeing a boom and local businesses are looking for ways to get smarter and more creative with the channels they’re using to get in front of local talent. 

The obstacles of getting open positions in front of the largest relevant audience possible, and tapping into already established online audiences are many. Broad recruitment campaigns for local positions are a start, however, they’re not an ideal or efficient way of getting the attention of local talent.

Local hiring requires local visibility, and amplification of the open position in the market the position is available – getting in front of an only local audience is the challenge. 

Getting in front of local audiences

Filling local open positions and getting in front of local audiences requires understanding individual local audiences and where they’re most engaged – something that’s traditionally been a challenge for national/global retailers and brands. 

Brands turn to recruiter and recruitment marketing to fill open positions in an effort to bring talent to the business rather than looking for individual prospective candidates. Recruitment marketing tactics include: 

  • building up an online presence that ranks in search results when candidates start their job

  • showcasing the brand on social media

  • engaging prospective candidates with live chat

  • lead capture for recruitment email marketing campaigns

  • using video to engage potential employees

  • using a listings management service to make an online search more accessible

Successful recruitment marketing involves promoting the brand, and the brand’s culture, in addition to the specific job openings – across all the tactics above and more.


Building Recruitment into Store Pages

Brickwork is a Software-as-a-Service solution that powers a robust digital presence for physical stores and their unique services and assets through store pages, the first omnichannel-enabling store locator, and local activation solutions around store services, appointments, events, and promotions.

The store pages that Brickwork builds are focused on promoting the brand by personalizing the online experience for every location, in every market. Most importantly, store pages are the primary channel for local audiences to engage with their nearest brick & mortar location.

Individualized store pages share many attributes with local recruitment marketing, they’re both focused on: 

  • promoting the brand 

  • the brand’s culture 

  • building up an online presence 

  • showcasing the brand 

  • engaging prospective customers/candidates 

    • with live chat, lead capture, and video, 

  • can be used alongside listings management services

In short, store pages are built and optimized for local audiences to engage with the brand. Brands benefit by understanding their local audiences, generating audience data, and refining local experiences to better serve audiences with geo-specific content and promotions. 

In addition to displaying location-specific services, products, and menus – imagine displaying open positions too. Store pages are a no-brainer channel for recruitment marketing and solve most of the obstacles presented by recruitment marketing on its own. The local-first strategy works in recruitment, data shows that 

“...if you are able to recruit from a county that is 10% closer to you, you will find 44% more people who are already commuting to your location. In other words, obsessing about attracting local talent pays off.”


Tap into the data and work with our team to build and optimize store pages for recruitment marketing and to fit your local business needs and get an edge on the hiring challenge that nearly half of US local businesses are.

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