A Powerful Alternative to Google Maps API

June 1, 2021

With thousands of practical service applications online, mapping functionality has become a critical part of logistics software. Google Maps has long monopolized the internet mapping world, however, for brands that want to maximize their budgets and need a Google Maps alternative, Mapbox has emerged as an increasingly popular, lower-priced solution. When building Store Finders and Local Pages for the local experiences, Brickwork defaults to Mapbox.

Pricing Comparison

Mapbox’s price isn’t its only redeeming quality - the breadth of customization options goes above and beyond what can be done with Google Maps. Mapbox is the go-to option for brands that want to focus on creating a unique, engaging, and memorable map experience. To get a sense of what’s possible with Mapbox, take a look at their Mapbox studio. Control fonts, icons, textures, color palettes, and even style the sky based on the time of day.

Google Maps are also customizable, but the options are not as in-depth as what can be accomplished with Mapbox. For most brands, Google Maps checks all the boxes with easy customization options for colors, map pins, information density, and even themes. 

Customization Comparison

Both can be great options for Store Finders and Local Pages projects and either one can be used to centralize your location data, enable online discovery, drive offline sales, and improve customer experiences. Customized maps are an essential component of giving customers the information they need to identify the best location to visit. 

Read more about our map options here. 

With Mapbox, make your customer experience your own and use Brickwork’s platform to power and enhance that experience.

Here’s how we do it. 


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