Who Benefits


You’ve optimized your website and digital marketing investment to drive customers to add items to their cart and check out. Now, tackle the next frontier: drive to store. With Brickwork, you can expand the definition of online conversion to include those customers who start online and end in-store. You can leverage your digital advertising spend to reach new customers with offline intent, drive higher in-store sales, and tie it all back to the strength of your web experience. 

Stores Organization

You know that your brick-and-mortar stores are assets, not liabilities. The challenge is making these rich store experiences discoverable at scale to customers who start their purchase journey online. Brickwork helps your home office team magnify and promote your local stores to online customers through a local content management system and store event and appointment management solutions with rich role-based permissioning. Learn more about your store customers’ intent before they even walk through the front door.


Don’t waste traffic you’ve paid to drive to your site: Identify online shoppers with offline intent, engage them with compelling store content and activate them to visit your stores with new calls to action. Brickwork gives you the ability to increase ROAS (return on advertising spend) by leveraging digital to drive more qualified traffic to stores and grow customer lifetime value.

Local Store Teams

To provide the right in-store experiences, you need to meet your customers where they start — online. Brickwork empowers local store teams to join in the workflow of actively managing store content, appointments, events, and promotions to reach the right shoppers and get them to your store. You’ll have access to user-friendly reporting and customer analytics tools that equip you to provide a better, more personalized store experience.

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