Store Data Management

Manage and maintain all the store data your customers need to see, everywhere they see it, with Brickwork’s system of record.

A Retail CMS to Manage Your Most Valuable Data

To leverage your brick-and-mortar stores as your greatest asset, you must be able to showcase important store information online to stimulate customer interest. Customers need access to location and hours, departments, inventory, services and associate profiles for every local store. Keeping all this information accurate and updated is no easy task.

With Brickwork, you can easily organize and bring your store data online. Our platform maintains your store data system of record and supports over 50 data fields to help you manage every detail about your stores. Our robust RESTful API enables you to coordinate data from multiple sources and distribute it across all channels.

Bring Your Store Data Online

  • Location & Hours
  • Departments
  • Inventory
  • Store Services
  • Associate Profiles

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Discover more about the need to bring your in-store experiences online in our white paper “Retailers Today Need More Than E-commerce to Survive.”