Reporting and Customer Analytics

Generate insights into cross-channel customer behavior to identify your most valuable customers and activate them into your stores.

Understand Your Customers

Customer-centricity is no longer optional — it’s essential to retail success. But to be truly customer-centric, you need insight into your customers’ behavior and preferences before they ever enter your store. Brickwork equips you with omnichannel customer intelligence, so you can create a better customer experience, increase store sales and drive greater customer lifetime value.

Capture Signals of Offline Intent

  • Book an Appointment
  • Click to Call
  • Get Directions
  • RSVP to an Event
  • Local Search “Near Me”
  • Store Product Search

Drive Customers to Your Stores

Identifying, engaging and activating online customers who want to purchase in-store could transform your brick-and-mortar sales. Learn more about offline intent and what it means for your business by downloading our guide.